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We are recruiting specialists from: Latvia, EU and third countries
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From small private enterprises to large companies.
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We work with entrepreneurs in Latvia and the entire European Union.
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Employment for seasonal work, rent, and long-term cooperation.
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From auxiliary workers to managers.
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We address issues for a variety of companies
Cafes, bars, restaurants
Hotel business
Cleaning companies
Meat processing plants
Workshop production
Assembly companies
Car workshops
Metal and wood processing
We have enough experience and techniques to hire employees for companies that are not on the list.
We will close the staff shortage. We will find a team to handle the object. Preparing specialists for the start of the working season
Long term hire
We select staff in the Latvian labor market. If there are not enough candidates or they do not meet the requirements of the employer, we turn to partners from neighboring countries, Central Asia, Europe and South Asia. We work with 9 foreign companies.
Seasonal works
We help companies recruit employees for agriculture, construction, or other areas. We hire without restrictions in large volumes. Do you need to fill a meat processing plant with 30 workers? We will find so many.
Outstaffing of personnel
We select employees for work out of state. You get a specialist, and an intermediary company deals with documents and employment.
Permissive documents
Extension of permits for work in the European Union. We accompany the execution of the necessary documents, the extension of visas and residence permits.
90 days employee warranty
If you or an employee do not wish to continue working together for any reason, we will provide a free replacement specialist.
Free specialist replacement
Hiring employees on a turnkey basis is painstaking, step-by-step work
We advise on where to find a specialist for your company and how to do it faster.
Step 1 /
We compose a portrait of the candidate. We send applications to the platforms in Latvia.
Step 2 /
If we haven't found a candidate in Latvia, we turn to third countries. We connect partners and send out applications to the labor exchanges.
Step 3 /
Finding a candidate. We call up and conduct an interview: ourselves or with you.
Step 4 /
Employment, Relocation
We draw up a package of documents: employer - for admission to the state; agency - visas, residence permits, transport tickets, insurance.
Step 5 /
Reception and accompaniment
We accept the candidate to the country. We are assisting in finding housing. We accompany until the moment of employment. If necessary, we deal with documents after employment.

Step 6 /
If you do not have time to find housing, we will settle employees into co-living.
It happens that the employer cannot find housing. For example, it is difficult to find apartments or hostels for a construction team of 20-30 people. The deadlines are also running out: employees are needed in a few days or now.
Upon arrival, the workers can live in the co-living space provided by the agency. We accommodate in corporate apartments while you are looking for an alternative.
Consulting services from the agency
We advise on employment, the social package, taxation, relocation and the adaptation of employees
Employment options in Latvia, cooperation conditions.
01 /
Features of personnel attracting more than 100 industries. From construction to management of a company branch.
02 /
Tips for the adaptation of foreign citizens, their mentality.
03 /
Legal nuances of the registration of an employee and bookkeeping accounting
04 /
Obtaining and renewing a visa, residence permit.
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Leave a request for a consultation and our specialists will answer all your questions.
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We are recruiting specialists from: Latvia, EU and third countries
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